As the old proverb goes, “good fences make good neighbors”. A fence is what separates and secures your domain from the rest of the world, but there’s no reason your home need look like a fort, or worse yet, a prison. A fence is more than just a barrier, however. Yes, a fence marks the boundary of your property but that’s only a single purpose of a good fence. A fence edges your garden and highlights your landscaping, it gives your property its curb appeal, and it gives you privacy as well as a degree of safety. Be Metal Be laser cut decorative metal fence panels can be used as or added to fencing to create a beautiful, effective and low maintenance fence.




9 Fence Patterns, Infinite Possibilities

Whether you want to build an entire decorative metal fence from our metal privacy screens or want to add them to an existing fence as an accent or focal point, we have a pattern that will suit both your needs and property.


Metal Fences That Are More than a Border

Our decorative metal fence panels have more uses than just a perimeter fence. They are a perfect way to add privacy safety and style to a house as a porch fence. The 180cm x 90cm screens are the right size to make a safe and private pool fence, giving you the security of knowing that kids can’t be spied on by strangers while they swim.



Need a stylish and secure balustrade for a balcony, look no further than our ornamental metal screens.




High Durability, Low Maintenance, Great Value

All Be Metal Be laser cut screens are cut from mild steel and custom rusted to a desired color and texture and then coated with a sealant that slows the rusting process. Not only does this make the screens highly durable, it also makes them low maintenance. The screens are designed to continue to slowly oxidize, slowly changing color and texture over time. If you want to further slow the rusting process, you can periodically treat the screens with a suitable sealant or protective metal lacquer.