They may be perfect for creating a private oasis in your backyard, creating a boundary around your property of dividing a room, but not all projects require more than a single decorative metal screen. If you’re looking to add a stylish accent to a room, create a unique piece of furniture or add a talking point to any location, look no further than our range of patterns. Each of our laser cut decorative screens is custom rusted to give them a unique organic color and texture that will slowly change over time.




Your Imagination is the Limit

Each of our 180cm x 90cm screens are shipped flat and pre-drilled for easy installation or connection. Attach a single decorative panel to a wall and you have a focus drawing feature wall. Put a decorative screen panel above the mantelpiece and your fireplace become the centre of the room. A single ornamental metal screen on a wall can be a beautiful accent or can hide unwanted cords or clutter.



If you’re even more ambitious, but with a little more ingenuity the number of projects you can build using laser cut screens is only limited by your imagination.



Add legs to a panel and you have a beautiful and hard wearing outdoor table. Add a glass top and you have a unique dining table that won’t fail to impress. Looking for a spectacular headboard for your bed? Adding a panel to a bed can add flourish and make old furniture look new.




Indoors and Outdoors 

Rather than using shade cloth, wooden slats or plastic, roof your deck with one of our screens. Not only will they make your deck look amazing, they will offer both shade and sun.



Need privacy and peace. Our decorative outdoor screen panels make exceptional privacy screens, garden fences or fence inserts.


Inside the home, a decorative screen panel makes a lovely replacement for a drab glass brick insert in a wall, an excellent room divider, an attractive and textural feature wall and much, much more.




Value Guaranteed 

Thanks to our streamlined cutting process, Be Metal Be can deliver great value with our laser cut decorative metal screens. Having nine patterns means that rather than having to retool and reprogram machines for custom patterns, odd sizes and limited supplies, we can instead concentrate on delivering precision cut, custom oxidized, easily installable screens for a budget price. What you do with them is limited only by your imagination. 


Have a look at our range of decorative screen panels below: