Accentuate the beauty of your garden with our fantastic range of laser cut steel Natural Screens ™. These garden privacy screens are custom rusted to give them a unique organic color and texture that is perfect for making your garden look its best.




Secret Garden 

Our laser cut garden privacy screens offer the best of both worlds when it comes to garden screens, giving you the privacy to enjoy your garden in peace while also letting in the light. Depending on the opacity of the design, our decorative metal screens can also offer a degree of noise control, potentially turning your garden into even more of a refuge from the noise of traffic, loud neighbours and the like.


Along with privacy, our garden screen panels offer something much in demand during the summer months – shade. It’s hard to enjoy nature when the sun is beating down on you, but our metal garden screen panels can offer respite from the harsh sun while still allowing any cooling breeze through.




Natural Beauty

In addition to adding privacy and shade, garden screens have great aesthetic value and can elevate your garden to a thing of real beauty. Our decorative garden panels can create a focal point in your garden, drawing every eye to its most spectacular aspects. If your garden is low and flat, a garden screen can add extra dimension and depth to the garden. The laser cut patterns are also perfect for either hanging plants of for climbing plant to grow, making adding a vertical element to any garden both easy and pleasing to the eye.






Our laser cut screens are custom oxidized and then treated with a sealant to slow the rusting process, giving each screen a unique, natural look, with earthy colors guaranteed to complement any garden. The oxidization process is slowed but ongoing, changing the texture and color of the screens over time. While this process is ongoing and beautiful, you can further slow the process by periodically treating the screens with a sealant. Our laser cut screens are low maintenance and durable, guaranteeing your garden will look and feel fantastic for years to come.